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Who is New Providence Marine?

        Our engineering staff has been serving the Marine Industry for over 16 years and has designed several successful marine products. We take pride in our work and strive to provide a high level of support to both our individual customers and large volume OEM customers. We have also been involved in the development of industrial electronic sensors and embedded microcontroller products for the past 21 years.

        The engineers took this marine and industrial electronics expertise and combined it with several proven liquid level sensing technologies and years of Marine Industry customer contacts and designed our new and innovative Profile Series marine tank monitoring systems.

        Much to the chagrin of our engineering staff, good design just doesn't sell itself. Therefore, we have contracted with Ferriello Sales, LLC to be our exclusive Marine Industry distributor and to provide sales and marketing support. Their excellent sales staff has many years of experience with the specific needs of the Marine Industry. So, whether you are an individual shopping for a system for your own boat, or the buyer for a large boat manufacturer looking for volume pricing, you can expect a great level of service from their friendly sales staff.

        So just who is New Providence Marine? New Providence Marine is a group of experienced technical and sales professionals who are driven by innovation and great customer service.

        We value the feedback we get from customers, your opinions drive our innovations and will most certainly influence our future designs. You can contact our Engineering Dept. at:, or Ferriello Sales at:, or by the phone numbers listed on our Contact Us page.

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