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Product Support

        We are a company devoted to your total satisfaction. All of our products are tested extensively prior to shipment and have been designed to be installed by boat owners.

        Support by a tech or a sales person is helpfull to a point, but our customers can be put in direct contact with the actual engineers and programmers who designed their display or sensor. Who better to offer installation advice and answer your questions?

        Should questions arise as you get into your installation, don't feel that you are alone. Our technical staff is behind you 100% and is ready to help you through any situation. You can get product support from us in a variety of ways described below.

Damaged Sensor Foil?

        If you have an external liquid level sensor with damaged sensor foil, we have put together a repair kit containing the materials to replace it. Check it out on our Sensor Products page.

Downloadable Literature

        We have published all of our product manuals in PDF format for easy download. Our manuals have comprehensive installation and software setup instructions--hopefully the answers to your questions can be found there. All of our manuals and related instructions can be found on our Literature page.

        If you are missing the owners manuals for your display panel or sensors, downloading these manuals would be a great place to start.

Primary Phone Support

        For tech. support by phone contact Dennis Ferriello of Ferriello Sales, LLC at the following phone numbers:

(435) 656-0042 (voice)

        Dennis is very knowlegable about the installation and operation of our systems and has spent many years supporting our Marine Industry customers. For more complex questions, Dennis can also put you into direct phone contact with the actual designers of your monitoring system.

Email Support

        You can contact our sales and technical staff at the email addresses below:

        Digital pictures of your system installation can help you to describe any problems you might be having. Use emailed pictures in concert with phone support to help us to efficiently diagnose your problems and propose solutions. Make sure to include your phone number in your emails so we can contact you directly by phone.

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