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Non-Warranty Service & Repair

        We can repair a variety of different display panels for both Recreational Vehicles (RVs) and Marine applications—even those manufactured by different companies. We are especially familiar with monitoring equipment manufactured by Snake River Electronics.

        If you need one of our Profile Series display panels or sensors repaired, first contact our support tech. at: to check if your panel is still under warranty. If your system is still under warranty we will evaluate and repair/replace it free of charge.

        We offer 2 different levels of non-warranty or 3rd party display repair service:

(1) We can evaluate a problematic display for $25.00 plus return shipping. While no repairs are performed during an evaluation, our tech. will make suggestions as to the repair or replacement of the dammaged unit. If repair service is indicated for your display, we will apply the $25.00 evaluation fee to the final repair charge.

(2) We perform basic repairs for most display panels for $65.00 plus return shipping.

        If your panel requires work which is outside the scope of a basic repair, we can do the repairs either on an hourly basis (charged at $35.00 per hour) or at a pre-negotiated fixed cost.

        We recommend that you contact our support dept. at: to discuss repair services.

        Once you have arranged your repair with our support dept., you can pay for either a repair evaluation or basic repair service with the buttons below.

        Items to be repaired should be securely packaged and mailed to us at:

New Providence Marine
attn: Service & Repair
PO Box 2272
Pocatello, ID 83206-2272

        Make sure to inlcude contact information like a daytime phone number, email address, and return shipping address in your package.

$25.00 REPAIR-EVAL, Non-warranty evaluation for repair.

$65.00 REPAIR-BASIC, Non-warranty basic repair service.
        Note: a return shipping charge of $8.00 will be added at checkout.

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