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Display Panel Customization

        Our Profile Series 8-tank and Legacy display panels are fully user configurable right out of the box. All panel operating parameters such as number of tanks, tank designations, and alarm conditions are all easily programmed during installation tailoring each system to the boat in which it is installed.

        While our software is very flexible, what if you have a unique requirements such as oddly named tanks, or need tank designations translated into a different language? Since we do all of our own software development in-house, simple software modifications can usually be done quickly.

Custom Programming Options:

  • Custom tank designations
  • Translation of instruction menu screens into alternate languages
  • Custom welcome screen with owners and/or boats name
        While some simple programming modifications may be done free of charge, more extensive changes (i.e. language translation) may be subject to a NRE fee. Contact our Engineering Dept. at:, or Ferriello Sales at:, or by the phone numbers listed on our Contact Us page to discuss your requirements.

Customization Options For Boat Manufacturers

        We can offer even more options to our OEM customers with customized programming and faceplate graphics. Our in-house programmers, engineers, graphic artists, and printers can tailor any of our Profile Series display panels to fit perfectly into your applications.

        For our OEM customers, we routinely program a custom setup menu which is used at manufacture time to set all panel parameters at once. Once setup, this menu contains configuration data for all your boat models. Now, instead of stocking a custom panel for each boat you manufacture, you can just inventory a single panel and select a specific boat model during installation from the list on the setup menu. Key advantage: any display in your inventory will install, fully customized, into any boat.

        We can also take your company name and logo and our in-house graphic artist and print shop can create a custom silk-screened monitoring panel faceplate (see graphic at right). While we prefer to work with vector format graphics, we can work with just about anything you can provide from bitmapped graphics to your company letterhead.

OEM Customization Options:
  • OEM setup menu containing setup information for all of your boat models
  • Custom tank designations
  • Custom welcome screen with company name
  • Language translation
  • Custom silk-screened faceplate with company logo
        To discuss your techinical requirements contact our Engineering Dept. at: To discuss volume pricing and delivery options contact Ferriello Sales at: We can also be reached by the phone and fax numbers listed on our: Contact Us page.

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