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Product Literature

        All of our product literature is available here for download. As new or updated documentation becomes available it will be posted to this page.

        To view or print any of these PDF files, Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. To download the latest version of Acrobat Reader (freeware) from Adobe Systems, Inc., click on the below:

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Display Panel Documentation

8T_Legacy_Manual_R31a.PDF (126kb) Product manual for the Profile Series 8-tank and Legacy display panels featuring our Profile 2 algorithm (Firmware Rev. 3.1a)
8T_Legacy_Manual_R22a.PDF (120kb) Product manual for the Profile Series 8-tank and Legacy display panels (Firmware Rev. 2.2a).
Hunter_Guide.PDF (18kb) Guide for upgrading Hunter Marine boat models from the old Snake River Electronics Ultra-8 display panel (original equipment on Hunter boats until 2004).
Gauge_Float_Hookup.PDF (17kb) Specific instructions for attaching Profile Series 8-tank or Legacy display panels to existing needle gauge/float sensor systems.
Parallel_8T_SOLO_Hookup.PDF (17kb) Specific instructions for parallel hookup of a Profile Series 8-tank or Legacy display panel and a SOLO display panel to a single tank sensor.
Legacy_Cutout_Holes.PDF (85kb) Drawings for panel cutout and mounting holes for our Legacy display panels.
Display_Profile_Solo.PDF (69kb) Product manual for all models of the Profile Series Solo (1 tank) display panels and under-counter display modules.
SOLO_Cutout_Holes.PDF (49kb) Drawings for panel cutout and mounting holes for our SOLO display panels.

Sensor Documentation

Sensor_Foil.PDF (29kb) Product manual for our external, foil-based fluid level sensor.
Sensor_Foil_Repair_Kit.PDF (56kb) Product manual for our External Foil Sensor Repair Kit.
Sensor_Rod.PDF (22kb) Product manual for our in-tank PVC rod-style fluid level sensor.
PVC_Cutting.PDF (9kb) Instruction sheet for trimming a in-tank PVC fluid level sensor to length.
SAE5_1NPT.PDF (24kb) Mechanical drawing for the SAE-5 to 1" NPT adapter.

Promotional Flyers

        The following documents are the same as those we hand out at our trade shows. Each contain lists of key product features, benefits, and brief technical discussions of our technology. These documents are a great place to begin learining about our entire product line.

EZ_Profile.PDF (57kb) Discussion of EZ Profile software algorithm.
Sensors.PDF (33kb) Discussion of the key advantages of our solid state sensors.
Displays.PDF (63kb) Basic features for all of our Profile Series display panels.
Display_Legacy.PDF (74kb) Basic features of our Profile Legacy display panel.
Display_Solo.PDF (71kb) Basic features of our Profile Solo display panel.

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