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Information For Boat Builders

        Our engineering staff has dedicated over eight years to developing a variety of successful Marine Industry products and several of our earlier monitor designs are still standard equipment at many large and small boat manufacturers. While our earlier products were innovative at the time, if you want our newest and best work you should look into our new Profile Series marine monitoring and display panels.

        Scroll down for topics of interest to boat builders, then visit our Products page for more information about our entire product line.

Profile Legacy 8 tank display panel.

Innovative Display Panels

        More than just gauges, our display panels are monitors in the truest sense of the word. That is to say, all of our products will autonomously monitor all attached tanks and alert when a tank level is going out-of-bounds (i.e. an empty fresh water or fuel tank, or a full waste tank).

        To simplify factory installation for our OEM customers, we routinely program a custom setup menu for each customer which is used at installation time to quickly set all panel operating parameters at once (i.e. number of tanks, tank designations, alarm settings, etc...). Once setup, this menu contains configuration data for up to 8 different boat models. Now, instead of stocking a custom panel for each boat you manufacture, you can just inventory a single panel and select a pre-programmed boat model during installation from the list on the setup menu. Key advantage: any display panel in your inventory will install, fully customized, into any boat. No idle inventory and no overnight shipments to keep your production on schedule.

        Custom builder? Our Legacy and original Profile 8-tank display panels are still an excellent choice as they can be fully customized through a series of easy to understand setup menu screens. Typically, programming can be completed in under 5 minutes.

Profile Solo single tank display panel.
Profile Solo single tank display panel with full alert.
        In addition to our large multi-tank display panels, we also manufacture panels which monitor single tanks. Our Solo display panels are available in three models. All three display the tank level when the read button is pressed, and two models also feature autonomous monitoring with a red warning light which warns when the tank level gets either too high (warn-on-full), or too low (warn-on-empty).

        When installed in the head of a boat, the warn-on-full model Solo panel serves two roles, both a tank level display and a "do not flush" light warning your customer that the tank level is getting too high.

        Information for all of our monitoring and display panels can be found on our Display Panels page.

Typical non-contact sensor kit.
Non-contact sensor installed on a HDPE tank.

Solid-State Sensors

        Our solid-state sensors can also bring added value to your products. While typical float sensors work well in a fresh water or fuel tank, it is a well-known fact that these sensors can foul in a waste tank and require routine maintenance and cleaning to maintain their proper operation.

        All of the sensors we manufacture are solid-state and contain no moving parts. No moving parts means no fouling in a waste tank and, perhaps more importantly, no routine cleaning by either the boat owner or, if the boat is still under warranty, your company's technician.

        Do you have to use our sensors? No. All of our monitoring and display panels have been designed to be compatible with a variety of industry standard sensors (i.e. 33-240 ohm fuel senders), so our displays are most likely compatible with sensors you are already using.

        Information for all of our sensor products and related accessories can be found on our Sensors page.

Custom Silk-Screened Graphics

        We have our own in-house graphic artists and print shop in which we can create custom faceplate graphics featuring your company name and/or logo. This custom touch can further integrate our products into yours.

        While we prefer to work with vector format graphics, we can work with just about anything you can provide from bitmapped graphics to your company letterhead. Because we do all of our own graphic work, once new graphics are approved, we can turn around a custom face plate in just a few days.

        To discuss your techinical requirements contact our Engineering Dept. at: To discuss volume pricing and delivery options contact Ferriello Sales at: We can also be reached by the phone and fax numbers listed on our: Contact Us page.

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