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Profile 2.0 Display Panels Now Available.

        In an effort to keep our Profile Series displays on the cutting edge, we are proud to announce the release of the new Profile 2.0 firmware for our 8-Tank and Legacy display panels.

        This new version is a refinement of our previous system, and incorporates several features suggested by our customers. Suggestions like: a multi-tank display, higher resolution bar graphs, and a percentage level display.

        Scroll down for more details.

        The new default display for these panels is the Multi-Tank Display. It is shown below:

Legacy 6.0 display panel with Profile 2.0 Multi-Tank View.

        On this screen, the numbers across the bottom of the screen corresponds to the channel number of an attached tank (if a sensor channel is not used, the number is deleted). Each of the 3 full vertical bars are divided into 4 segments, so in this view each tank level is displayed as a 12 position vertical bar graph.

        If enabled, the LPG level is displayed on this screen as a % at the lower left corner of the LCD.

        You will find this Multi-Tank Display most useful as you can see the levels for all attached tanks with just a single glance.

        For a more detailed view of each tank level and status, the owner can press either the up or down arrow buttons to scroll through all attached tanks. This detailed view is shown below:

        The channel number and the full descriptive name is displayed on line 2, our new 24 position bar graph shows the tank level on line 3, and finally the tank level as a % and an easier to read tank status message is displayed on line 4.

        The status message of **HIGH** is displayed when a waste tank level fills above 85% of capacity; **LOW** is displayed when a fresh or fuel tank level falls below 15%. No status message is displayed for a tank which not out of bounds (i.e. not too high or too low).

        The display panel will return to the Multi-Tank Display if the user presses the Ok button or after 1 minute of inactivity.

8T_Legacy_Manual_R31a.PDF (126kb) Product manual for the Profile Series 8-tank and Legacy display panels featuring our Profile 2 algorithm (Firmware Rev. 3.1a).

        For more information or to purchase this display panel visit our Display Panels page.

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